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Improved Health Care

Improved rural health through creative and innovative health programming approaches.

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Our Mission

IHOPE Foundation is an organization committed to working with underserved communities to improve the quality of life of vulnerable populations through responsive and innovative health programming, service delivery and capacity building in Kenya. 

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Our Core Values

  •  Service to the underprivileged to bring forth hope and change lives 

  •  Accountability and transparency to ensure credibility 

  •  Openness to feedback and ideas to ensure we are creative and innovative 

  •  Quality, excellence and the continuous improvement of services to deliver high impact and cost effective support for our stakeholders 

  •  Stakeholder participation, as community-based solutions are the key to our success 



Sheila Akoth Ochieng’: IHOPE Fellows Alumni

I am delighted to thank you so much for the unrelenting support I received from  IHOPE  Foundation since 2013 until I completed my KCSE exams in 2016 .I am pleased to inform you that if it were not for I Hope Foundation’s IHOPE Fellows Programme, I would not have completed my Secondary  School Education . I sincerely thank my sponsors-Paula Courage, Emilly Courage of Canada for the financial support through the Foundation which has been very fruitful to me. I look forward to giving back to my community in future. 





Kaela Ellen Walsh: Rural Volunteer Participant

My name is Kaela Walsh.  I am a university graduate of a BSc. majoring in biology and minoring in psychology from Memorial University, Newfoundland, Canada.  I hope to continue my studies in physiotherapy sometime in the near future.  My decision to travel to Migori, Kenya, was influenced by my association with MUNHOPE (Memorial University Health Outreach Promotion & Education), an organization based at Memorial University which is affiliated with IHOPE Foundation.  Just a few short months ago I was in Canada not knowing what to expect in Kenya.  However, I am very happy to say that my time spent here has been nothing short of amazing.  From the friendly people to the rich culture, I have never felt anything but welcomed.   

Through my volunteer work with IHOPE Foundation, during the past month, I have recognized the dire need for health outreach initiatives in the Migori County.  The vast number of people living with HIV/AIDS alone needs immediate attention, not to mention the large number of teenage pregnancies occurring, the usage of contaminated water, the lack of pit latrines, and unsafe mining practices, just to name a few.  With the help of the other IHOPE Foundation team members; I was able to begin addressing these pressing issues to provide outreach, promotion, and education about health.  I honestly believe that, in providing people with proper knowledge, we have empowered them.  Knowledge allows people to take control and responsibility for their actions and lives in general, something that is fundamentally important in being healthy.  I have visited persons living with HIV, volunteered at the Migori County Level 4 Hospital, talked to many students about Family Planning, Reproductive Health, and HIV/AIDS, given advice to the motorbikers concerning drugs and alcohol abuse, donated medical supplies to needy dispensaries, and helped construct a semi structure for a person living with HIV/AIDS, among many other things.  Through these experiences, I have seen that the people of Migori have the kind hearts needed to help each other reach complete and sustained rural health.    

Student-Memorial University of Newfoundland, CANADA  


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